The RECap Fund will invest in companies
whose underlying assets are tangible properties.

1/ Asset class


Preferred fixed-return bond instruments backed by real estate underlying properties

(secured income)

Companies with residential assets

Prime apartments for rental income

(income + capital appreciation)

Companies with retail assets

Commercial units in residential schemes for secured long-term income

(income + capital appreciation)

Companies with developer assets

Equity into real estate development projects

(both Residential and Commercial)

2/ Location


Minimum 60% in sought-after locations in Portugal

UK, Switzerland and other main European Capitals

Maximum 40% in UK, Switzerland and other main European capitals

3/ Diversification


No more than 30% of the fund is invested in a single property/project


Risk spreading strategy due to allocation into several risk-adjusted profiles:

Risk profile: low
Secured or preferred income basis

Risk profile: low/medium
Rental income with potential capital gains at exit

Risk profile: medium
Development projects

4/ Exit strategy


Will be repaid at maturity and re-invested into other secured bond instruments


a) to be sold at market price
b) sold as a sub-portfolio for stable income

Development projects

Capital gains upon completion of the development


List the fund on the stock exchange or sell the entire fund

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