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Object and Scope of the Terms and Conditions

We provide you a website where you can easily access information about RECap Fund, that will invest in Real Estate companies aiming at funding development projects, buying Real Estate assets for rental income and in debt instruments issued by real estate development companies.
Through our website you can access information on the Fund’s Strategy, Fact Sheet, Pipeline, Team and many other useful information and resources.
Please remember that, although we are always pleased to share our projects and provide you with any material you request, the information disclosed in our website cannot be regarded as a contractual offer, or advisory, legal or consulting services.
Any information provided on our website is for informational purposes only, does not represent an offering or an opinion of any kind, is hypothetical and is not binding by any means. All the information we provide you on our site derives from internal as well as external sources considered to be trustworthy, is given without liability on our part and does not exempt you from further or additional support.

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Any binding and formal information regarding the RE CAP Fund will only be provided under your request.


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For any formal and binding information regarding the Fund please contact us through the means provided at the end of these Terms.

Your Obligations

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Modifications to the Terms and Conditions

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